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Around the Web: Grand Seiko Tells Its History

Around the Web: Grand Seiko Tells Its History

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There are genuinely couple of brands with narratives as tremendous as Seiko’s, a company that is, in this writer’s opinion, one of the best horological marques over a significant time span. Truth be told, Seiko’s innovative soul has advised the Swiss on numerous occasions all through their competitive history, from Seiko’s accomplishment at the Neuchâtel preliminaries to the advancement of the quartz oscillator, the last of which would always change the industry.

Seiko, or rather, I should say Grand Seiko, is taking a second to impart its incredible history to an informative arrangement gradually trickling out on its site. Named “Grand Seiko: 10 stories embracing the future,” this ten-section history centers around the improvement of Grand Seiko as brand from the good ‘ol days to the present.

As of this writing, we’re as of now just three installments in, with Vol. 1 focusing on “precision” and “design.” If you’re a fanatic of the brand (or on the off chance that you just consistently needed to know the definition for Zaratsu polishing), you’re going to need to watch this one. Grand Seiko