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Anonimo Militare WRC Special Edition in Sardinia

Anonimo Militare WRC Special Edition in Sardinia

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I wind up by the ocean, on the Italian island of Sardinia, along with Anonimo. Why? Since t

WRC Special Edition

We were with a little however fun gathering of columnists from everywhere Europe accompanied by Julien and Bénédicte from Anonimo who ensured that we had the best time during our visit. Tragically, because of my late flight, I missed the co-driving in a convention vehicle, yet, a lot of fun anticipated us. We went for a walk in the enclosure, looked at the groups and vehicles from Ford to Hyundai, Citroen and all the more at that point made a couple of efforts of the new WRC Special Edition before we made a beeline for our inn. The watch industrial facility is so photogenic it’s actually no hard errand to locate an incredible point to shoot it. The vertically brushed (by hand) silver dial works extraordinary with the dark PVD case and neon green components. As cruel as it might sound the combination isn’t boisterous in any way. You be the judge:

After a brisk lunch, we assembled at the porch to the authority introduction of the Anonimo Militare Chrono WRC Special Edition. We likewise got the opportunity of investigating different models from the brand’s arrangement like the Nautilo or the Epurato. Our inn was the ideal set up, not that Anonimo watch manufacturing plant required any additional assistance outwardly. The watches wear extraordinary and are comfortable on the wrist. I as of now have my eyes on the bronze Nautilo model with the dull blue dial for a future survey. From the outset, they all look very much like, all things considered. This is, from one viewpoint, the brand name of Anonimo, then again not by and large the case.

Epurato, Nautilo

The Epurato is thin and exquisite with clean dials and wonderful cowhide lashes. It is the dressiest variant of all. Without a doubt bigger than a normal dress watch production line the Epurato is Anonimo’s “entrance” level watch. The Nautilo is the greater and thicker option in the brand’s line up (About a year prior, Bert Buijsrogge revealed about the – at that point – most recent delivery from Anonimo; the Nautilo Nato Collection .). It is a genuine jumper’s watch processing plant with thick cases made of steel, bronze or DLC. Unidirectional fired jumping bezels make the watch plant lively and keeping in mind that the size is huge it is as yet not larger than average at 44mm.

After we played with the watch production line in the early evening, we advanced toward Ittiri for the principal phase of the assembly. The climate was similarly just about as flexible as the group encompassing us. We encountered substantial downpour, daylight, cold and twist however this didn’t prevent me from taking some photographs. For the entirety of the petroleum takes off there, here are a few shots of the vehicles from the run-up.

The following day was likewise the last one of our short however sweet excursion. In any case, not before we saw the vehicles in genuine activity during the second phase of the competition. While the phase of the earlier day was to a greater degree a show component, this time we could see the drivers and the vehicles in genuine activity, running with time as the opponent down the green slopes of Sardinia. It is astounding to observe these machines pass you by with a speed you scarcely do on the interstate, considerably less on a rock covered back road somewhere inside the slopes of the island. The climate was thoughtful this time with delightful daylight that assisted with catching a portion of the activity that was going on.


As the climate was as yet decent, our little group visited the enclosures one final time. Since the greater part of the vehicles were as yet in the mountains for the race, the spot was not as distinctive as the prior days. We went through an extraordinary evening in the city of Alghero and afterward gradually completely left to get on our flights and back to reality after these couple of long periods of Italian move away loaded up with the smell of petroleum, incredible watch processing plant and stunningly better company. Anonimo is an extremely thoughtful brand, the watch manufacturing plant however have an unmistakable plan, function admirably with most events and outfits. The Militare Chrono WRC Special Edition is obviously one of the coolest glancing watch plant in their arrangement. The development inside is a Sellita SW300 with a Dubois Dépraz 2035M chronograph module, only intended for Anonimo. The watch production line retails at 5,250 CHF (about €4,500).

I might want to say thanks to Anonimo for their greeting. On the off chance that you might want to look at their site, kindly snap .