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Alpina Introduces an Environmentally Friendly Diver Made From Recycled Plastic

Alpina Introduces an Environmentally Friendly Diver Made From Recycled Plastic


Perhaps the most welcome watch patterns as of late has been the wide appropriation of green activities among brands. We’ve seen this showed on the whole kinds of ways, at for all intents and purposes each value point. Numerous brands, for instance, cooperate with associations that advance ecological causes. Others have put forth attempts to decrease inefficient bundling, and produce watches from reused components. Today, we’ll take a gander at a watch from Alpina that’s doing every one of the three.

Alpina Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic

  • Case Material: Recycled plastic/fiberglass composite
  • Dial: Blue
  • Dimensions : 44mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire        
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters 
  • Crown: Screw down                     
  • Movement: AL-525 
  • Strap/bracelet: Fabric produced using reused plastic containers
  • Price: $1,395
  • Reference Number: n/a
  • Expected Release: Available now 

The Gyre is another plunge watch from the Swiss brand that has practical experience in intense games watches with for the most part exemplary and vintage enlivened looks. The Gyre, part of the brand’s Seastrong line, is something out and out various in the manner that it looks proudly forward. The significant specialized development here is that the case has been produced using reused material: 70% of the Gyre’s case has been created from plastic trash got from fishing nets gathered in the Indian Ocean. The excess 30% of the case comprises of fiberglass, which adds strength and inflexibility to the watch, making it similarly as appropriate for jumping as a watch produced using conventional materials. 

In a move that maybe underscores Alpina’s commitment to the reason, the Gyre is accessible in two sizes, with a more modest 36mm case advertised straightforwardly to ladies, incorporating a variation with a colored mother-of-pearl dial. The other 36mm variation is a shade of blue that’s likewise accessible in the bigger 44mm form of the watch, and would be completely fitting for any individual who essentially lean towards a more modest cased plunge watch. Notwithstanding your size inclination, in any case, you’ll must approve of a blue dial somewhat – the dials utilized here are totally motivated by the blue shades of the ocean. 

Alpina is likewise utilizing eco-accommodating bundling with the Gyre. The blessing box has a negligible plan and has been produced using reused paper and plastic, and as opposed to a conventional actual guidance manual, all documentation for the Gyre is gotten to through a QR code. Alpina has additionally planned the arrival of the watch to concur with World Oceans Day, and has reported that they are formally cooperating with Gyre Watch, a beginning up answerable for sourcing the reused material utilized in this edition. 

The Seastrong Gyre (in an aggregate of 5 variations) is accessible at this point. The 44mm looks (just as the mother-of-pearl variation) have a proposed retail cost of $1,395. The 36mm variation with a smoked blue dial will sell for $1,295. Alpina