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A Special Sinn: 556A Limited Edition in Honor of the CH124 Sea King

A Special Sinn: 556A Limited Edition in Honor of the CH124 Sea King


In June of 1970, a CH124 Sea King was engaged with a salvage mission around 150 kilometers off the bank of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Sea King, a twin-engined anti-submarine fighting helicopter flown by the Canadian military for over 50 years, has come to possess an uncommon spot inside the lives and shared history of the people who dealt with them, depended on them, and recounted anecdotes about them. What happened that June 49 years prior, when the Sea King was as yet a moderately new expansion to the Canadian Armed Forces attire, is only one of those accounts, however it’s indelible.

A blended group of four boarded a Sea King on that Friday evening and took off in search of some Canadian anglers that had been set unfastened when their boat was sliced down the middle by a Russian fishing vessel. This occasion made news before in the day, however a mistake in the misery call prompted the Navy searching where there was not something to be found. With a reestablished need to keep moving, our team in the Sea King discovered their anglers a couple of hours after the fact, scooped them up, and headed home.

Everything was normal and working out as expected. In a second, however, turmoil broke out ready, tossing all on the CH124 into endurance mode all of a sudden. A specific Able Seaman Barker, remaining close to the staff entryway of the airplane, unintentionally inclined toward the “push down to open” handle that controlled the entryway, sending him flying out, dangerously close to the Atlantic Ocean beneath. Fortunately, because of the fast moving of the Aircraft Commander and some ordinary random good karma, Barker didn’t plunge to what in particular would have likely been a cool passing in the sea, however was skiped around the outside of the Sea King, his lower body ending up caught in the arrival gear wheel well. Saved by the Sea King’s quirky plan, Barker’s story not just turned into a moment exemplary, it roused a change to the plan of the entryway (the handle turned into a “pull up to open”) and the expansion of a security bar across the entryway, nicknamed the “Barker Bar,” obviously, and, a long time later, an uncommon restricted version watch.  

Over the course of its 55 years in help, the Sea King formed into a much darling symbol of the RCN and RCAF. It was sent everywhere on the world on different public and global missions, and assumed a crucial part in homegrown tasks in Canada. The individuals who went through their days flying on and keeping up the airplane regularly felt a genuine association with it, and when it was declared that the helicopter would be forever resigned from administration before the finish of 2018, Air Combat Systems Officer Jason Miller, who went through four years on Sea Kings as a Tactical Coordinator and Maritime Helicopter Crew Commander, thought of a plan to honor this remarkable piece of Canadian military history.

“I considered the task in Spring 2016 while cruising on board the currently decommissioned HMCS Athabaskan,” Captain Miller advised me, by means of email. “The information on the CH124 Sea King’s retirement in December 2018 was genuinely flow and I thought a watch to commemorate its support of the RCN, RCAF, and Canada would be a fitting tribute.”

With their association with avionics, Sinn turned into a consistent decision for the organization, and Captain Miller went to chip away at the plan. The 556A, a basic instrument watch, arisen as the material for Miller’s accolade. Mill operator sees a common DNA between the 556A and the Sea King. “It was consistently about unwavering quality, strength, work, and execution,” he says of the airplane, and the watch. Taking care of his creation, Miller reviews that it seems like a “brand new Sea King, straight from the factory.”

The Sinn 556A Sea King LE is restricted to only 55 pieces. Accessible through Watchbuys, Sinn’s American wholesaler, the watch is as of now sold out, a reality that while frustrating to a large number of us simply finding out about the watch presently, is immensely satisfying to Captain Miller, who considered this to be as a work of adoration, took on a large part of the promoting himself, and, gladly, ensured large numbers of the watch’s new proprietors are essential for the Sea King family in some way.

The most distinctive element of the restricted release variant is effectively the Barker Bar seconds hand. “It was my responsibility to guarantee the Barker Bar was set up for each flight,” says Captain Miller. Joining a particularly key piece of Sea King legend into the last form of the watch appears to be an easy decision, and the outcome here is something that isn’t just amazingly unmistakable with its dark and yellow striping, yet in addition important.

The dial includes a picture of the Sea King straightforwardly above 6:00, and a dim on-dim dial that uses shading tones like late model CH124s. The programmed winding rotor, obvious through the transparent caseback, highlights the airplane assignment, long periods of administration, and a remarkable engraved chronic number, all in the text style utilized on the Sea King itself. To commemorate 55 years of administration, 55 was picked as the restricted creation number.

Miller, normally, picked #1 for himself. “I miss my days on the Sea King very regularly,” he says. “Whether I was chasing submarines, leading sea reconnaissance, or simply coast creeping around the maritimes, it was a stunning airplane to fly. At the very least, this watch causes return me to those days.”

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