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A Dive Watch for Mountaineering: Introducing the Seiko Prospex SLA049 and SLA051 Tributes to Naomi Uemura

A Dive Watch for Mountaineering: Introducing the Seiko Prospex SLA049 and SLA051 Tributes to Naomi Uemura


The most recent quite a while of Seiko Prospex jump watches has been studded with entertainments of their own famous watches from the ’60s and ’70s. From Turtles to Tunas, they’ve been consistently carrying their file into the advanced time (and you can see our reviews of numerous here ) parading their set of experiences and showing that these old plans are as yet pertinent today. All through, Seiko has adopted two strategies to restore these models. The first is that they make a top of the line, restricted release with a 8L arrangement development, regularly utilizing completing methods commonly put something aside for Grand Seikos. These re-manifestations will in general remain nearby to the subtleties of the watches they depend on. The subsequent methodology is to make a watch in the soul of the first yet mistreat the plan, at last modernizing the watch. These models highlight 6R developments and different colorways, some restricted, yet generally open versions, and come in around $1,200. Today, we’re seeing the introduction of another, third methodology with the SLA049 and SLA051 watches, combining the two approaches.

Based intently, yet not actually, on the 6105 , a.k.a. The Capt. Willard, from 1970, the SLA049 and 051 are assembled inside Seiko Prospex’ most noteworthy level of watches, highlighting the 8L35 type, yet are valued some place in the center, around $3,000, sitting close to the MM300s. You may review that in 2019, Seiko disclosed the SLA033 at Baselworld (RIP), which is likewise a diversion of the 6105. That model was restricted to 2,500 units, included Zaratsu cleaning, and had a sticker price of $4,250. While that was intended to be an extravagance reproduction of the first (notwithstanding there being a few contrasts), these new models are both unwavering and free in their methodology. They are nearer than the SPB15X models, yet farther than the SLA033.

So, what’s the distinction? All things considered, a considerable amount, not the least of which is that the 049 and 051 are commemorating the watch, yet in addition Naomi Uemura, a noteworthy Japanese globe-trotter who wore it. Uemura’s distinguishing strength is that he is the main traveler to culmination the tallest tops on every landmass, just as being the primary individual from Japan to climb Mt. Everest. To praise the 80th commemoration of Uemura’s birth, Seiko has reproduced the 6105, which Uemura wore during a 12,000km performance canine sled run. As opposed to simply one more straight entertainment, Seiko chose to recount a tad bit of Uemura’s story with the watches themselves.

The SLA049, which is restricted to 1,200 pieces and will cost $3,100, is delivered in shades of blue intended to summon the barometrical tints seen when seen from the rarified demeanor of Earth’s most elevated pinnacles. The bezel is a rich blue with likely a metallic sheen (in view of renders), while the dial is a more profound, gritty blue. The most intriguing component, nonetheless, is simply the dial surface. Highlighting an unpleasant surface with randomized highlights, it addresses the territory of the mountains Uemura invested such a lot of energy winning. An unforeseen component for a plunge watch, which is clearly connected with sea-going exercises, it’s an update that device watches aren’t just utilized for their recommended activities.

In terms of general plan, the case appears to have remained near to the 6105, with one huge change. It’s 44mm (the 033 was 45mm), highlights the 6105’s signature adjusted shape with a crown at four, settled into watches. The water obstruction has been knock to 200m, the precious stone is sapphire, and the steel is covered in Dia-shield, bringing it acceptable with other current Seikos. It’s somewhat difficult to find in the renders, yet the case additionally includes a reflected advance along its external edge. I envision face to face this will be an unmistakable detail that will obviously isolate it from the vintage and re-creation models. As far as the dial, there are some more huge variations.

Like the SPB153, everything has the DNA of the 6105, yet isn’t precisely the equivalent. The markers seem a touch more modest, with less huge encompasses, opening up space a piece and showing up maybe a touch more refined. The blunted hour and moment hands have gotten little pointed tips, and the stoplight seconds is less overstated. Maybe the most striking distinction, and one that I’m sure the comments will zero in on, is that the date has been moved from an outlined window at three, to a frameless window somewhere in the range of four and five. With the dull date foundation, the dial shows up sans date initially as all markers are represented. All things considered, there is a certain cumbersomeness to the date being sandwiched between the markers. We’ll need to sit back and watch where the group falls on this one.

Additionally, on the dial at six is the Prospex “X” logo, unmistakably implying that this model falls into Seiko’s current re-translation class. The 049 comes mounted to a 5-connect arm band with dainty cleaned joins between more extensive brushed connections, for a spruced up look. The watch likewise incorporates a blue silicone lash with train track design, copying the elastic tie that initially went ahead the 6105.

Accompanying the 049 is the SLA051, a non-restricted release adaptation of the Uemura 6105. Rather than blue, this model highlights a charcoal dark dial, still with unpleasant surface, and a dark bezel. This adaptation is a touch less expensive also, coming in at $2,900, however just with the arm band. While LEs consistently have a specific draw, particularly to gatherers, the less difficult dim/dark combo of the 051 is traditionally engaging and will probably be a well known choice.

As the SLA033 has likely been sold out for quite a while, the Uemura 6105s offer another chance for Seiko fans to obtain a variant of this notorious plan fit with a 8L development. In spite of the fact that one could contend this third, center level between the 6R present day understandings and 8L diversions previously existed with the MM300, it isn’t a reach that has been developed a lot, so this is conceivably an energizing turn of events. Seiko Luxe