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5 Affordable Dive Watches That Aren’t the Seiko SKX007

5 Affordable Dive Watches That Aren’t the Seiko SKX007


When investigating a moderate plunge watch, the Seiko SKX007 is ensured to come up time and again. It thoroughly bodes well why. The 007 has an unshakable arrangement of specs, exemplary Seiko looks, and genuine ISO jump certificate. On top of all that, it likewise looks extraordinary on an assortment of lashes on account of the flexible dark/white/steel shading plan. You can without much of a stretch get one from a huge load of various retailers, and the used market is solid, as well. These are generally extraordinary motivations to purchase a SKX007 — except if, obviously, something about it doesn’t network well with your opinion regarding watches. That’s why today we’re taking a gander at five wonderful options in contrast to the Seiko SKX007. The entirety of our picks have particularly various looks and highlights, yet are around a similar cost.  

Orient Mako USA II

The Mako USA II ( evaluated here ) is an element stuffed diver that was made with assistance from the watch community. At the point when asked what they could improve, Orient added a sapphire precious stone, strong end-connected arm band, and improved lume on the dial. Expanding on what was at that point a great base, the Mako USA II addresses a standout amongst other jump watches in its value range. At 41.5 millimeters wide with a stature of 13 millimeters, the watch has some presence on the wrist, however wears less than the specs suggest. Shading choices incorporate a steel base with either an obvious white, dark blue, or coal black dial. Evaluated slightly more than $300 (watch out for coupon codes), the Mako II is an extraordinary competitor to the SKX007 that gives an alternate look and feel at a comparative cost.  

Check it out here

Seiko SBEP00X “Digi Tunas”

Taking things an alternate way is the Seiko SBEP00X line of “Digi Tunas.” It freely gets from the case plan of the notable Tuna diver, yet Seiko has changed the watch into something unmistakably unique. The covered case holds a sun based fueled computerized development with negative showcase. Extra highlights like world time, programmable alerts, a stop watch, and an on-screen battery marker all carry some valuable usefulness to the watch. The overwhelmingly dark watches include some inconspicuous flies of shading, regardless of whether it be a blue and red Pepsi bezel or some gold equipment. Appropriate computerized plunge watches are rare, which makes this section from Seiko a particularly incredible choice.

Check them out here

Dan Henry 1970

Dan Henry’s 1970 is a vintage-propelled diver for certain intriguing highlights not seen in numerous watches in its value range. You’ll notice that it’s coming up short on an outer jump bezel. The compressor-propelled case seen on this watch has the circumstance bezel under the precious stone going around the outside of the dial. To turn the clock, just pivot the subsequent crown. A prominent list of capabilities balances an incredible moderate diver. You’ll appreciate the 200-meter water-safe treated steel case, sapphire covered mineral glass with AR, and solid programmed Seiko NH35 development inside. The 1970 is accessible with gray or orange accents in 40 or 44-millimeter sizes — a lot of group satisfying options.

Check it around here  (Please note that Windup Watch Shop is Part of Worn & Wound.)

Lorier Neptune

Packed loaded with vintage diver-enlivened appeal is the Neptune line from Lorier (read our audit of the previous emphasis of the Neptune here ). Makers Lorenzo and Lauren Ortega took their number one components from vintage divers and combined them all into a durable current watch. Lorier’s objective was to give all that they needed to find in a watch — a reasonably estimated 39-millimeter steel case, 200 meters of water obstruction, an acrylic precious stone, and a great looking tightened wristband with level connections. The outcome is a rough, yet tasteful watch that wears similarly as out. On the off chance that you need vintage look and feel without the likely problem, one of these new Loriers may be the watch for you.

Check it out here

Click here for the scene of The Worn & Wound Podcast where we talked with Lauren and Lorenzo

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E

Featuring a chunkier, more forceful appearance (and model name) is the Citizen Promaster Diver BN1050-28E. Rather than a mechanical development inside, there’s an Eco Drive type. To energize the watch, you should simply open it to common or counterfeit light and the sun powered cells deal with the rest. The meaty handset is not difficult to peruse on the whole conditions, on account of the expanded width and utilization of brilliant paint. At 43 millimeters wide, this watch certainly has some wrist presence. The Promaster Diver likewise has comparative specs to the SKX007 like 200 meters of water opposition, a mineral precious stone, and a unidirectional jump bezel. Those searching for a low-support watch will value this contribution from Citizen.

Check it out here

Runner up: Seiko SKX013

If the lone thing keeping you away from the SKX007 is its 42-millimeter size, at that point the SKX013 is the watch for you. This compact diver includes a fundamentally the same as style and list of capabilities to the 007, yet in a 37-millimeter case. On the wrist, it wears a lot more modest gratitude to the diminished measurement and more limited generally speaking stature. You’ll notice a couple of unpretentious contrasts like the hand set, changed dial, and diverse bezel, yet it eventually looks and performs like a scaled down rendition of the 007.

Check it over here

Do you have a most loved option in contrast to the Seiko SKX007? Try to tell us what it is in the comments below.