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10 Great Watches for Mom Under $1,500

10 Great Watches for Mom Under $1,500


Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and customary perusers of this site surely don’t need me to disclose to them that watches make incredible gifts. We chose to assemble a rundown of watches that make incredible gifts for a wide range of mothers at value focuses that run the extent, yet don’t surpass $1,500. We have gifts here for all degrees of horological excitement, from here in the USA to the Land of the Rising Sun. These watches will do everything from track mom’s exercises consistently, to sit quietly in an adornments box until the perfect occasion, when it will be prepared to serve. Appreciate the gift guide, and let us know in the comments if you’ve at any point gifted your mother a watch.

(Editor’s note: a portion of the brands and models highlighted in this guide are sold through the Windup Watch Shop.)

Nomos Tangente Duo

We’ll get going with an advanced symbol of watch plan that was simply delivered in a more modest size with a negligible and exquisite dial design in another colorway. The Nomos Tangente is, from numerous points of view, the lead Nomos watch. It’s the most unadulterated summoning of the brand’s plan ethos, and has stood the trial of time, being a power in their arrangement since the origin of the company. The Tangente Duo, which made its introduction at Baselworld recently, is the littlest Tangente accessible at simply 33mm, an extraordinary conventional size for a ladies’ watch. The Duo comes up short on the little seconds register you would typically discover on a Tangente, which significantly changes the entire vibe of the watch. It immediately becomes dressier and more refined without the obvious moving piece at any point present on the dial, and warm tones of earthy colored and gold further quiet down the entire undertaking.  

The Tangente Duo isn’t just a tasteful gift, yet on the off chance that your mother ends up valuing the specialty of genuine watchmaking, the Duo possesses a great deal of that with its in-house, hand wound development. The Duo retails for $1,440, putting it at the highest point of our self inflicted value limit, yet that remembers custom etching for the caseback by Nomos, adding to the legacy nature of the piece.

More data on the whole Duo setup can be found here .

Mido Baroncelli  Heritage

The Mido Baroncelli Heritage is a basic two-tone time and date watch with a programmed Swiss development that has an exemplary look that has stood the trial of time (look at our audit here ). At 33mm it’s an adaptable women’s size, and the entire bundle offers a ton of significant worth at $1,180. Mido is one of a shockingly little modest bunch of brands that invests the same amount of energy into their ladies’ lines as their mens and unisex watches, which comes through in the nature of plan in this (and other) Mido pieces.

We like the Baroncelli Heritage specifically for the dial completing, which has a delicate grain surface (much the same as the bigger gents’ piece). The rose gold accents on the bezel, crown, and arm band are likewise top notch, and Mido is known to utilize an excellent PVD completing (for the gold-tone and two-tone models) that will guarantee your Mother’s Day gift won’t corrupt over time.

You can discover more data about the Baroncelli, and put in a request, here .

Junghans Max Bill

The Max Bill line by Junghans is a Worn & Wound top pick for its flexibility, strength, and commitment to a plan stylish, and for the intriguing history of Max Bill himself and the Bauhuas school. A watch from the Max Bill collection is a characteristic decision for this gift guide, since a large portion of these watches could undoubtedly be viewed as unisex in any case. All things considered, I’m going 2-for-1 with Junghans here, and will recommend both the customary, essential, old school Max Bill hand wound, time-just piece on a lattice wristband  (Ref. 027/3004.44) for $795 and a vivid quartz piece  (like the above Ref. 047/4541.00) for $495 from the women’s collection.

Notice here that the piece from the women’s collection is just around one millimeter more modest than the mechanical rendition from the primary line. That addresses the flexibility of the moderate plan, and furthermore that a “men’s” observe just doesn’t must be worn by a man. It’s about style and comfort. Notwithstanding the collection you pull from inside the Max Bill arrangement, you’re going to wind up with a watch that has been intended to extraordinarily exclusive expectations that makes certain to impress.

Auteur Moonlight

If you figure your mother would go for the moderate look however some way or another even the Max Bill is simply excessively occupied for her, maybe the Auteur Moonlight will be more her speed? The Moonlight is accessible in the Windup Watch Shop here at just $199. From a good ways, you can’t truly see the Arabic numerals that show the hours or the engraved records that take on a white on white appearance, yet very close you can see an assortment of completing methods on the dial that reward an intensive investigation. This is a ton of plan for not a ton of cash, and I think it make an insightful gift thought. At 39mm it’s on the bigger side for our opinion about as a ladies’ watch, yet with the lattice wristband, haul free plan, and the consistency in shading through the entire piece, I consider parcels mothers will appreciate basically wearing this as an appealing piece of useful jewelry.

Seiko Solar “Tank” Ref. SUP250

The Cartier Tank is quite possibly the most suffering watch plans at any point made, and numerous brands have made their own renditions that are either intriguing turns on the work of art, or only directly up duplicates. On the off chance that cash were no item, I figure this guide could in all likelihood be a rundown of one, and I’d joyfully encourage you to go to your closest Cartier seller and select a basic, exemplary, Tank in yellow gold.

But cash, obviously, is an article. That doesn’t mean, notwithstanding, that you can’t get a little taste of the Cartier stylish in a substantially less costly bundle. In view of that, here’s a Seiko , as of now accessible on Amazon for well under its retail cost of $195 that clutches large numbers of the plan highlights of the Tank, and adds a not many that are one of a kind to Seiko.

Beyond the Tank-like introduction of this watch, what stands apart to me is the sun based fueled development. Since the watch is charged by light, this would be an extraordinary decision for somebody who doesn’t wear a watch everyday, or just hauls one out for unique events. Indeed, perusers, a portion of our friends and family are very going to be day by day watch wearers, yet that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a quality watch now and again. A watch with a sun powered development is an incredible in and out alternative for people who fall into that camp.

Seiko Presage Ref. SRP853

Seiko is a brand with a colossal arrangement of plans and watchmaking innovation, so you’ll pardon the way that we couldn’t oppose remembering a second watch from the brand for this guide. The SRP853 is important for Seiko’s Presage line, which throughout the most recent couple of years has created the absolute best value for money dress watches we’ve seen. With a rich red dial and sparkled finish, this piece is on the extravagant side and makes certain to be taken note. I’ve consistently felt that Seiko’s “Cocktail Time” arrangement of watches could be worn effectively by ladies, and here we have a watch with a similar general tasteful in a more modest size. Barely short of 34mm in size, the SRP853 additionally incorporates a proven Seiko programmed development with 41 hours of force reserve.

This Presage is a Seiko USA selective and can be requested for $450 here .

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto

The Hamilton Intra-matic Auto at 38mm is, here on Hamilton’s site , advertised toward men, however is it actually an undeniable men’s watch? Couldn’t the smokey dial and the gold tints of the case simply be depicted as ladylike? The 38mm size is unquestionably not impossible for a lady who needs to say something with her watch. I’m calling this completely, 100% unisex. On the off chance that this were a wedding commemoration gift guide, I’d pick it as a watch that can be divided among a couple. As a Mother’s Day gift, it’s simply a strong mechanical watch with an incredible vintage feel for a trendy mother, and it comes in at under $1,000.

Longines HydroConquest

What if your mother is a jumper, yet doesn’t need to wear a huge 42mm or bigger plunge watch that numerous men would discover uncomfortable or clumsy? Finding a genuine reason assembled sports watch in a customary ladies’ size at the sub $1,500 value point is a significant test, yet Longines has us covered.

What’s noteworthy to me about this contracted down Hydroconquest is the regard Longines has for their female clients. Lesser brands may attempt to add a type of style thrive to this device watch to make it more interesting to ladies, however the HydroConquest wouldn’t work with precious stones, or a pink dial. This is, to laid it out plainly, a more modest rendition of a demonstrated and absolutely fit plunge watch. Beside the 29mm case, there’s in a real sense nothing about it that shouts “ladies’ watch,” and it’s significant degrees more bona fide and downright better thus. At $1,275 it’s unquestionably on the higher finish of our financial plan, yet this watch has the toughness to take whatever mother tosses at it, so you can anticipate that this gift should have remaining power.

Garmin fenix 5S Plus

There’s no getting around it: brilliant watches are setting down deep roots. Consistently increasingly more come to market and they appear to acquire noteworthy highlights with each new programming update. Garmin has been especially forceful in this fragment, with many new items presented over the most recent couple of years for a wide range of devoted undertakings, from jumping, to trekking, to golf. It’s simple to lose all sense of direction in an ocean of SKUs on a manufacturer’s site, which is the reason we’re here to help you discover something that can work for any mom.

The fenix 5S Plus is a full included, multisport GPS smartwatch that will completely incorporate with a cell phone to advise the client of incoming calls, instant messages, and different warnings. Garmin made its name in GPS planning, and this watch has full abilities here, so if your mom is, for instance, a prepared significant distance climber, this watch will keep her heading the correct way. It’s additionally ideal for more customary exercises in the rec center, following execution in a confounding cluster of measurements. It’s not tremendous, (42mm is an absolutely sensible size for a watch this component pressed) and can be had in a PVD treated rose gold get done with an in vogue white elastic tie. The cost of the fenix 5S is to some degree subject to the choices chose at buy (the gadget imagined here is on special for $649.99) however they all handily come in under our $1,500 limit.