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10 Great Dive Watches Under $1,000 Just in Time for Summer

10 Great Dive Watches Under $1,000 Just in Time for Summer


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to put our cowhide ties away and go play—hopefully in the water. No watch says Summer better compared to a plunge watch, and they go with everything from a diviner sucker suit and sock-less loafers to swimsuit and shades. We’ve gathered together ten jumpers, all costing under $1,000, all set wherever you proceed to do all that you do during the boiling months ahead.

Seiko “Mini Turtle”

Scaled down to 42.3 millimeters and tenderly upgraded, these SRPC references have been energetically named “Mini Turtles” because of their similarity to the bigger Seiko Turtles. At the point when a Seiko gets a moniker, you know it’s a hit. With 200 meters of water opposition, a hacking and hand-winding 4R35 development with more than 40 hours power save, and a Rolex-y date window magnifier, the Mini Turtle puts another curve on that exemplary Seiko jumper style.


Mk II Paradive

Take away everything except for the basics, balance the excess components in close to consummate extents, and afterward cut one of the most keen dab shot cases available, and you get the MK II Paradive ( read our survey here ). An accolade for the 1970s Benrus Type 1, the Paradive quantifies huge at 44.5 millimeters wide and 15.54 thick, yet it wears a lot more modest. 200 meters of water obstruction and an auto-winding Seiko NE15 mechanical development ask for summer fun—and abuse.


Lorier Neptune

Care for something somewhat more modest? The 39-millimeter Lorier Neptune combines comfortable vintage prompts with top-level specs like 200 meters of water opposition, a super-vault plexiglass gem, the good Seiko NH35A automatic development, and a tempered steel bracelet—all at a cost that makes these marvels sell out consistently. The Neptune is accessible in three exemplary colorways.


Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto

SCUBA may not be the primary thing you consider when you contemplate Hamilton watches, yet their Khaki Navy Scuba is a tasteful 40-millimeter jumper that’ll stay dry to 100 meters and continue running for an astounding 80 hours after a full wind. The Khaki Navy Scuba is offered in dark, blue, and orange colorways on either an elastic lash, a mil-tie, or steel wristband, making this an attractive summer staple.


Mido Ocean Star Automatic

The Mido Ocean Star ( audit here ) is a pure breed plunge watch worked from titanium, which keeps this 42.5 millimeter submariner light on the wrist. At just 11.75 millimeters thick, it’s smooth, as well. The exclusive elastic lash embraces the case much the same as the steel wristband does, and both the elastic and steel rouse certainty and panache.

Starting at $890

Seiko SPB077/SPB079

2018 marks the second year straight that Seiko has delivered a trio of plunge watches reissues—one is a dependable restricted release, and the other two get present day visual and execution refreshes. The SPB077 and 079 are this year’s two refreshed models, both dependent on the profoundly collectible Ref. 6159 from 1969. Current estimating is at 44 millimeters across and 13.1 thick, and you’ll get 200 meters of water opposition, covered steel for additional hardness, an enemy of intelligent sapphire gem, the admired 6R15 auto-winding development, and—most importantly—that exemplary Seiko plunge watch style.

Starting at $850

Certina DS PH200m

Though marginally more extensive than its archetype at 42.8 millimeters, this tasteful jumper is a steadfast multiplication of a late 1960s issue from Switzerland’s Certina. Brandishing a time right acrylic precious stone, the watch actually gets 200 meters of water opposition, and the Powermatic 80 development (an altered ETA 2824) guarantees 80-hours of force hold and stupendous exactness. In the event that the lethargic long stretches of summer feel nostalgic, maybe this is the plunge watch for you.


Dan Henry 40mm 1970 Diver

If you can’t hang with Dan himself, an euphorically fixated and profoundly learned authority, at that point you should agree to one of his superb and reasonable watches. The 40-millimeter 1970 offers specs that really rise above its value: a Seiko NH35 automatic development, an inner turning bezel displayed after some exemplary “ Super Compressor ” plans, a twofold domed sapphire-covered mineral gem, and a strong case back with an octopus wearing an outdated plunging cap that’s engraved so profoundly it’s essentially a sculpture.


Nezumi Baleine Diver

Not all jump watch cases are made equivalent, and the Nezumi Baleine Diver’s ( survey here ) 40-millimeter case might be its most compelling element with brushed and cleaned surfaces (on the treated steel model), winding hauls, and a flawlessly machined fastened case back including the Swedish brand’s hexagonal logo. Up top is a twofold domed sapphire gem with hostile to intelligent covering arced over a dark dial with beige lume and cleaned gold hands, all encompassed by an attractive 60-click unidirectional bezel. The late spring sun will rejuvenate all that brilliant warmth, while the 200-meter rating will keep it very dry when you chill with a plunge or a dive.


Victorinox INOX Professional Diver

Quartz? Indeed, in light of the fact that as of not long ago no mechanical development could withstand being run over by a tank—let alone the other 99 pressure tests to which Victorinox subjects its INOX line of watches. The shapely 45-millimeter case radiates solidness, while the scalloped steel bezel, lively colorways, brilliant elastic ties and, on certain models, fire motor red seconds hand brazenly report this diver’s availability for—quite literally—anything you toss at it.